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How do I add a book?
If the book is on Smashwords you can use a quick submit form. Just go to the category you want to add it to, and click the suggest a book link at the bottom. Put in the URL or number of the book on Smashwords, and the book will be added to our review queue.

If the category does not exist, or the book is not on Smashwords, use the full submit form (available here). This will still add the book to the queue, but may take us slightly longer to review.

How do I add a review?
On the page for the book, click the "Add a review" button. You can write your review in this box. If you want to link to a review on another website (e.g. newspaper or blog), please use the same form and include no more than a twenty-word extract. Make sure you put the link to the original review in the "Website" box, and mention the name of the site.

How can I request you review my book?
You can contact us through the Update(?) button for your book to request a review. Please include your email, and if one of the reviewers is interested we will get back to you. We do need a review copy, so if your book is not already free, we would need a way to get one. A Smashwords coupon would be easiest. Submission of a book or review copy does not guarantee a review.

Review Guidelines?
Books must be focused on real-world aviation, including space flight. No erotica. We do not include or review books where the focus is not on flying, even if aircraft are included. Within that range anything from flight manuals to thrillers are welcome.

Why are most of the site reviews 3 stars or more?
We are trying to recommend good books, so if a book we review would get 1 or 2 stars from us, we would seriously reconsider whether it should be listed on the site.

How can I request a change to a book or review?
If you want details changed on a book, eg. if it is available on B&N but we only have that listed as a possible site, then use the Update(?) button at the bottom of the book's listing. This applies to all content on the book's page, including reviews.

If you wish content removed, e.g. for infringment, please use the red Report(!) button and detail the problem. A word of caution: we are a review and links site, so we don't host ebooks ourselves. To get a book removed from any third party sites, e.g. Amazon, you will need to notify them directly.

Other Questions?
Click the Button for the Contact Form:

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